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ROPE ACCESS - Fall Protect & Safety Sector

By URBAN XTREME Singapore - Work At Height Safety Systems & Rope Access Engineering Solutions Specialist

ROPE ACCESS - Fall Protect & Safety Sector

02/14/2012 ASCENDRIX's Fall Protection Division was originally conceived into operations to cater for the growing need for SAFETY features when conducting work at height.


Our Fall Protection Engineers and Specialists can intervein at any time. From the blueprint, construction or maintenance stage, this will allow for a close working relationship with Architects and Project Managers to derive to an efficient & cost effective custom designed system that most suits its requirements. By allowing for an early working relationship, we are able to achieve:

  • accurate data for designing and fabricating a system based on the TRUE requirements of the project.
  • coming up with system designs that will integrate into the building's / structure's aesthetic outlook.
  • Advantage of having a complete Safety System that doubles up as anchorage points for access in the different stages of construction are:

    • increased safety for all workers
    • increased work efficiency
    • readily available achor points for rescue operations.


    Crucial factors in Facilities Maintenance is COST & EFFICIENCY. The method of access is one denominator that usually eats into the eventual cost of conducting maintenance works, regardless whether its Cleaning or Rectification / Repair Works.

    ASCENDRIX specializes in determining the best possible methods in works with Rope Access to keep costs low without sacrificing factors of SAFETY & EFFICIENY.

    ASCENDRIX can provide solutions for:
    • Light/ Mobile
    • Permanent / Temporary
    • Ground / Wall / Suspended
    • Ladder Safety
    • Edge Safety

    This configurations can be applied for both horizontal and vertical protection and in the form of either monorail or cable systems.

    We also cater for :
    • Cable Rope & Tape Webbing Slings
    • Custom Design & Fabrication
    • Inspection, Maintenance & Repairs
    • Third Party Tests

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