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ROPE ACCESS - Industrial Sector

By URBAN XTREME Singapore - Work At Height Safety Systems & Rope Access Engineering Solutions Specialist

ROPE ACCESS - Industrial Sector



ASCENDRIX provides non-destructive testing or NDT services. This NDT makes it possible to assess the condition of materials without damaging them.

To be able to carry out reliable testing, a number of factors are involved. A large number of physical limitations, the surface condition, geometry and accessibility of the object to be assessed must be weighed up. This is why only expert and certified testers can carry out NDT. Our testers hold the relevant SKO certificates and are certified in accordance with EN473/SNT-TC 1A level 2.

ASCENDRIX carry out the following forms of Non-destructive testing:

  • Magnetic testing
  • Penetrant testing
  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Thermographic surveys, including Guarantee Scan, Pre-turnaround Scan, Integrity Scan and Insulation Energy Scans.


ASCENDRIX's experience in the offshore sector led to analytical decision to include the provision for pre-fabricated housing oufitting concept which allows for greater flexibility, less demand on yard space and lower build costs.

We cater for merchant, passenger or naval vessels and offshore units, both new buildings and refurbishment works, whether its just the replacement of wall-panels or the requiremeng o build a completely new accommodation structure, the ASCENDRIX team will handle each project professionally.

ASCENDRIX can incorporate a great number of factors into the design:
  • Vibration & noise
  • Infrared signature
  • EMC/EMP protection
  • NBC protection
  • Weight limitations
  • Fire rating & non combustibility
  • (Non) magnetism
  • Shock proof
  • Blast & Ballistic proof
  • Design to all international standards (Lloyds, DNV, SOLAS, steering wheel, etc)
  • 24 hours services
  • Refugeraly stores
  • Thermal, fire and noise insulation


Next to raw materials, energy represents the largest single cost element of most manufacturing processes.

ASCENDRIX recognise thermal insulation as a valuable investment and a tremendous asset to energy conservation and process efficiency. Properly maintained insulation contributes significantly to a plants operating bottom line, in turn helping to reduce CO2 emissions, carbon footprint and operating costs.

  • An average sized plant has around:
  • 60 miles of insulated pipe work
  • The equivalent of 7 football fields of insulated equipment
  • Between 10% & 19% of damaged/ missing insulation
  • Many historically un-insulated hot (useful energy) processes.

Therefore, significant untapped energy saving potential exists. Quantifying this damaged or missing insulation and calculating the associated energy loss is a unique service offered by ASCENDRIX.

Since the introduction of this service ASCENDRIX have identified substantial energy savings for our customers resulting in reduced operating costs long-term, reduced CO2 emissions, reduced carbon footprint, reduced climate change levy burdens and improved environmental performance.


Recent studies have shown that costs associated with corrosion could be as high as 12% of turnover for the production and manufacturing sectors.

Industrial Painting and Blast Cleaning projects are executed both on-site and in our off-site facilities where appropriate for an extensive range of applications including process and storage equipment, pipework and structural steel, Tank linings, and floors, walls, ceilings and roofs.

The safest and most appropriate preparation techniques are used, including hand preparation, mechanical preparation, washing up to UHP, with abrasive option, and wet & dry blasting.

Working in conjunction with coating suppliers ASCENDRIX can recommend the best fit coating for specific applications.

Furthermore, ASCENDRIX are also highly qualified to provide the most cost effective, efficient, and above all safest access solution for surface preparation and coating projects.

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