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Why you should choose Computer Guys don't shortchange your business. Go for quality IT service instead.

By Computer Guys IT Support IT Service

Why you should choose Computer Guys don't shortchange your business. Go for quality IT service instead.

08/08/2016 We serve people, not machines.
All of us here at Computer Guys understand that IT support is about improving the experience with technology, rather than just servicing the machines. That is why we place great emphasis on customer service. Rest assured that we will never confuse you with technical jargon or bother you with the troubleshooting of IT issues. Our aim is to keep things hassle-free for you.
While we do regular IT maintenance to ensure that everything is in working order, there might be times when an unforeseen IT problem crops up. When that happens, all you need to do is to alert us to the issue and that's it. Our team of system administrators will do the rest.
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We don't do ad hoc IT (and it's for a good reason).
Machines need regular maintenance in order for them to perform at their optimum. The same goes for any IT setup. Going by that principle, Computer Guys does not take on any ad hoc IT assignments because it does not allow us to carry out proactive IT maintenance.
Ad hoc IT servicing is at best, patching over pertinent issues with a quick fix. Although it is a common industry practice, it is not very cost-effective for users in the long run. We want to do better. We want to maintain a standard in our IT services. Therefore, we seek your kind understanding on why we only take on clients who are willing to engage us as a long-term IT partner.
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We guarantee maximum uptime.
When you engage Computer Guys as your outsourced IT department, you don't just get a system administrator to oversee your IT systems. Instead, you get a full-fledged IT team, complete with a project manager. (See here)
When we take over as your outsourced IT department, the first thing we will do is carry out a full system audit followed by a system hardening process that will add an extra layer of data security. At your approval, we will also set up secured remote access to your computer systems which will enable our system administrators to troubleshoot majority of the IT problems without any delay.

After everything is properly set up to be in perfect working condition, Computer Guys will oversee the maintenance of your IT systems. Such proactive IT service means that we are able to forestall any major IT issues before they cause major disruptions to your business operations. By doing system hardening, remote access and regular IT maintenance, we can guarantee you that system downtime will be a thing of the past.

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Computer Guys IT Support IT Service

Computer Guys IT Support IT Service

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