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RIGG XTREME: Trained & Accredited Applicators of Photocatalyst Self-Cleaning Coating Solution


RIGG XTREME: Trained & Accredited Applicators of Photocatalyst Self-Cleaning Coating Solution

11/09/2012 RIGG XTREME Trained and Accreditted Applicators of Self-cleaning Coating Solution

Building exterior self cleaning, UV discoloration protection. Inhibit biological growth, Road self-cleaning and car exhausts purification.

Japanese Technology of a self-cleaning coating is rapidly spreading like wild fire across the Americas and Europe.

This coating is also catching up with construction and maintenance companies here in Singapore and is recognized & approved by LTA.

Photocatalyst coating is the combination of photocatalyst and nano technology. The waterlike transparent solution is simple in applying onto any surface and a Top-Coat on the building exterior surface will bring diversified excellent features to the building. Coating can be sprayed on exterior walls, roofs, on highway barriers and side walks to provide the self-cleaning & air purification function.

RIGG XTREME is the only Singapore Integrated Work at Height Safety Systems & Industrial Rope Access Engineering Solutions Specialist services company that has been directly appointed as 'Trained' and 'accreditted' applicators. Main benefit of application is that creates a self-cleaning coating that acts as a water repeller that keeps the surfaces in a very clean look and reduces the overall cleaning & maintenance costs.

RIGG XTREME is able to undertake both the application and access solutions simultaneously.

In Singapoire This by far has been applied onto:

  • Private Residences,
  • The Marina Bay Merlion,
  • The National Arts Museum,etc.

  • Self-cleaning
  • UV damage protection
  • Super hydrophilicity
  • Air purification
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-mold
  • Surface antistatic
  • Easy-cleaning

  • Keeps the building clean
  • Protects the surface from dust, acid rain and air pollutant damage
  • Purifies air pollutants near and on the surface (e.g. car exhausts, NOx, Formaldehyde, Benzene, VOCs)
  • Decomposes the organic pollutants on the surface.
  • Restrains mildew, mold or algae from growing
  • Decomposes bacteria and virus on the surface and in the air near coated building
  • Absorbs UV rays from sun and protects the surface from UV damage

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