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Types of Hearing Aids | JGlasses & Hearing Singapore

By JGlasses & Hearing

Types of Hearing Aids | JGlasses & Hearing Singapore

01/04/2021 There are three essential styles of listening devices. They vary in size, situation on/in the ear, and the measure of intensification they give. The audiologist will suggest the most reasonable way of listening device dependent on the patient's audiological design and needs.
Behind-the-ear (BTE) amplifiers are worn behind the ear and require the utilization of a specially designed ear form. They are appropriate for gentle to significant hearing misfortunes.
A little form of the BTE called the thin cylinder BTE is accessible. It fits behind the ear with a thin plastic cylinder embedded in the ear trench and is reasonable for mellow to extreme hearing misfortunes.
Another smaller than usual BTE portable amplifier style called the recipient in-channel (RIC) listening device is likewise accessible. Not at all like the thin cylinder BTE, the RIC has a flimsy wire associated with a speaker unit that is embedded into the ear waterway. It is reasonable for mellow to serious hearing misfortunes.
Custom amplifiers remember for the-ear (ITE), in-the-waterway (ITC) and totally in-trench (CIC) listening devices. ITE amplifiers are made to fit the external ear totally and are reasonable for grown-ups with mellow to decently extreme hearing misfortunes. ITC and CIC amplifiers are made to the size and state of the ear trench. The two sorts are appropriate for grown-ups with gentle to direct hearing misfortunes.
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