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Top 5 reasons why you should go for 3S ABS locker.

By Locker & Lock Pte Ltd

Top 5 reasons why you should go for 3S ABS locker.

05/21/2014 Many owners are quick to go for a cheaper locker without considering available alternatives. Do you know about ABS lockers? Here are five reasons why you should go for it.

1. Corrosion-free.

It’s 100% plastic, even the screws! No kidding, this is the solution you are looking for in high moisture areas where conventional lockers may corrode and give up.

2. Build it like a lego.

Creating something by yourself that will benefit you is surely fun. How much more if it’s going to serve you for a long time. Just like a lego, 3S abs locker is made up of modular components which parts can be connected together to build it.

3. Replace only the damaged part.

It happens in a rare occasion, but if your locker got damaged, you only need to replace the damaged component and not the entire locker, which could save you cost. This is the same when you want to change the colour of your locker doors, you just need to replace the doors in that case.

4. Transfer easy as 1-2-3.

In such event that you want to transfer your locker to another location, you can simply carry them or disassemble them whatever fits you.

5. Eco-friendly.

If you are conscious about the impact to the environment, this locker is made of recyclable components that can be re-manufactured again and again.

Locker & Lock is the leading provider of abs lockers in the region. Visit our website at for more information and for enquiries, email us at

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