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Blockchain in Banking: A Gamechanger for Finance Industry

By Mobiloitte Pte. Ltd.

Blockchain in Banking: A Gamechanger for Finance Industry


When it comes to doing business globally, blockchain has the ability to alter the way we do it. Blockchain in banking can increase trading productivity, it can automate or streamline formerly manual or paper-based processes. The decentralized nature of a public blockchain makes it ideal for fostering cross-organizational collaboration. It is the technology that is the foundation of cryptos like bitcoin and Ethereum.
Some use cases of blockchain in financial services may help you better understand how this technology will be used soon.
TradeFinancing for international commerce is another sector where blockchain is predicted to have a major influence. International trade and business require different types of financial services.
Were you aware that trade finance transactions still use bills and invoices for trades?
It is possible to accomplish this work online, but it will take some time. By automating and removing the arduous manual procedure, blockchain and banking can speed up the trading process and save costs.
Credits and LoansLoans are underwritten using a credit reporting system in traditional banks. It is possible to use blockchain to develop complex programs for banks. These can include loan structures, mortgages, and p2p lending.
Currently, financial institutes use the credit scores of the borrowers, the status of homeownership, and the debt percentage to evaluate risks while processing loan applications. That information will only be gathered if they obtain your credit report from a specialist credit agency.
FundraisingToday, securing venture capital financing is a demanding endeavor. When entrepreneurs want to sell their firm for cash, they typically build presentations, meet with potential partners, and have extensive talks about valuation and equity.
A range of funding options will be available to companies using blockchain technology, allowing them to speed up the process. An initial exchange offering, an equity token offering, and a security token offering are all examples of these (STOs). STOs have been the most popular choice since they are protected by the legal system.
Improved Payout SpeedsCustomers will be more satisfied if payments are processed more quickly and at lower costs.
By providing a decentralized payment channel, BFSI institutions may take advantage of developing technology. By offering greater security and cheaper payment, banks may compete with innovative fintech firms by providing better service, creating new products, and ultimately creating new products themselves.
By using blockchain, banks may decrease the need for third-party verification and speed up regular bank transactions.
System of Payment and ClearanceBanks will be able to settle transactions more directly, and better track them using Blockchain than they can with existing techniques like SWIFT. Because of the way our financial system was designed, a regular bank transfer takes a few days to settle.
Many banks have logistical difficulties when shipping money throughout the world. Before it reaches its final destination, a simple bank transfer must travel via a lengthy network of middlemen, including custodial services. The global financial system is very distributed. It consists of capital, asset management, dealers, and other enterprises. All these entities must also be reconciled for enhanced performance.
How will blockchain change the banking industry in the future?
A number of requirements must be met before blockchain design can be considered a mainstream financial technology. Prior to implementing a global network, it is critical to put in place the proper technical foundation by implementing complementary solutions. The industry can only be disrupted if blockchain is broadly utilized.
The investment in blockchain, on the other hand, will be profitable in the end for financial institutions. As soon as blockchain is completely deployed, banks will be able to process payments faster, more accurately, and at a cheaper cost.

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