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Benefits of Motorised Blinds and Curtains

By Somfy Pte Ltd (Singapore)

Benefits of Motorised Blinds and Curtains

02/19/2017 In the age of technology, your home should never be left behind. Here you sleep every night, wake up to a new day, eat delicious meals with your loved ones, and unwind to detach from work or school. It’s always good to be at home. It’s even better when you, the homeowner, enjoy a new level of control.

And you could start with motorised blinds and curtains. Check out a few of the surprising benefits you can get from this technology.

1. Energy efficiency. If you are freaking about your energy bills, here’s an effective way to reduce your energy consumption – use motorised blackout curtains. There are three ways automated curtains can help you save energy and money, including light, shade, and warmth. When you have motorised curtains at home, you can set it automatically open to allow sunlight penetrate your living room or bedroom. And when the sun sets and it gets darker, you can likewise set it automatically open to give you sufficient reading light.

Now, let’s say the warm months are coming. Expect that the sunlight coming through your windows during these months can heat up your house. And as a result, your air conditioning system has to work harder to prevent the sun from heating your home. However, this means more energy usage. But don’t worry! If you have motorised blinds, you can program them to close based on the temperature.

And of course, when the winter arrives and its coldness makes you shiver, you can always keep your home warm if you will set your motorised curtains to automatically open and let the sunlight come into your window and close to contain the heat at night.

2. Safety. What’s interesting about automated blinds and curtains are they have no cords and chains. This gives you peace of mind that there will be no loose cords and chains that might pose a risk to your children, if you have any at home. Your home gets smarter and safer for your family.

This safety bonus is a major feature that you should not ignore, especially if you are a parent. Even if your children play near the blinds, you won’t have to worry.

3. Security. For sure, there will be times that your family will have an out-of-town trip. And this means leaving the house without any one at home. You might feel anxious because no one will be there to look over your home, appliances, and more. But when you have automated shades, you can simply control it to give the impression that someone is home. So your home gets protected from thieves and burglars since they will think that your home is occupied. Now, you can focus on your vacation rather than thinking if your home is safe or not.

4. Convenience. Having a smart home system provides convenience with the simple touch of a button. With just a few presses, you can move, open, or close your curtain or blind to whatever position you want. Moreover, you can add timers and sensors so that they will continue to work even if you leave.

5. Good impression. Say you’ll have a house party this coming weekend and you would like to impress your visitors. One sure way to achieve it is by providing them a relaxing ambience with a quiet and sophisticated automated blind system. Your guests will definitely feel comfortable. And for sure, they’ll start asking you about it.

These are the benefits of motorised blinds and curtains that you should not miss. And these are enough reasons to transform you home into a smart home today.

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