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Z-Mouse : Unique Integrated 5-in-1 card-reader mouse

By Cyberinc Pte Ltd


Description Z-Mouse is a multi-functional optical mouse and memory card reader integrated into one. Besides being a high-quality optical mouse, you can also use Z-Mouse to transfer digital pictures, music, files and other data from and to your computer, digital camera, PDA, mobile phone or MP3 player. With more and more digital devices using memory cards as the preferred storage media, Z-Mouse is in a great position to satisfy this emerging need.

Z-Mouse combines Agilent's high-quality precision optical technology with its high-speed internal processor (48MHz) to give you a really smooth and responsive optical mouse that you typically find only in a high-end mouse. With Z-Mouse, you will experience smooth surfing on almost all surfaces.

If you own digital appliances that use different flash memory types, Z-Mouse is for you. This compact optical mouse card-reader reads and writes to five of the more popular memory cards, namely, SmartMedia (SM), Secure Digital (SD), Multimedia Card (MMC), Memory Stick (MS) and mini-SD cards from one unit. Even if you don't own some of these memory cards now, you'll need it one day, especially when you want to swap files on different cards. It makes transferring of information between friends and across different devices so much easier.

This dual mouse/card reader is versatile, compact and flexible and is ideal for laptop users. Use Z-Mouse to transfer photographs from your digital camera, songs from your portable music player, movies or still images from your digital camera or camcorder, or other files from your PDA or mobile phones using Z-Mouse. Integrating the card-reader functionality into an optical mouse frees up a useful USB port, and eliminates the hassle of disconnecting printers, modems or other peripherals from your computer to upload files from these digital devices.

Z-Mouse is a mass storage device, which means that no software or driver installation is required on systems using Windows 2000 or Windows XP. Simply plug it in and you are ready to use!

Weighing in at just 100g, Z-Mouse is very easy to carry around. Integrating five memory card readers and an optical mouse into one device effectively means fewer gadgets to lug along. Together with its small and ergonomic design, Z-Mouse is highly portable, and it is a dream come true especially for notebook users. Z-Mouse is truly small in size, but BIG in functionality.

You can now personalise your Z-Mouse with your favourite photo. The transparent cover comes with a metal clip to hold your photo in place. Using the template provided, simply cut out your photo according to the shape and insert it into the cover. It's a simple way to add a touch of uniqueness and personality to your Z-Mouse.

Z-Mouse uses the USB interface (USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 compatible) to connect to your computer. With a full speed transfer rate of up to 12 Mbps, combined with hardware error checking, reliable and fast transfer of data becomes a breeze.

Z-Mouse is carefully designed with good quality and reliability in mind. Only optical sensors from Agilent are used for Z-Mouse. Z-Mouse has also passed both the stringent CE and FCC certifications for emission conformity required for EU and North America. To protect the card-reader from dust (a problem for many card-readers), a non-detachable cover is provided. The good quality cover swings effortlessly and you don't have to worry about missing cover and dust anymore. For Z-Mouse, there is no compromise for good quality.

With the increasing popularity of memory cards (like SD card), coupled with their rapidly declining price, memory cards are proving to be a good alternative to thumb-drives. A SD memory card for example, is now cheaper than a thumb-drive; significantly smaller and lighter and can be shared among multiple appliances like your digital camera, mobile phone and palmtop. Z-Mouse offers a viable alternative to your thumb-drive to transfer data.

Direct cable connections can drain the batteries from your digital appliances as you transfer data. For instance, if you connect your digital camera directly to your computer to download the photos you've taken, you are actually using up the batteries in your camera during the transfer. On other hand, Z-Mouse uses the computer's power for all data transfer. No batteries are needed at all. This means you save on your camera batteries and money in the long run.

* USB optical mouse
* 5-in-1 card reader
- Secure Digital (SD)
- Smart Media
- Memory Stick (MS)
- Multimedia Card (MMC)
- Mini-SD (adapter required)
* USB 2.0 compatible
* Driver for Win 98se and Win ME
* No driver required for Win XP
* No driver required for Win 2000
* Full speed transfer (12 Mbps)
* Size : 106(L) x 36(H) x 57(W) mm
* Weight : 100g
* Sensor : Agilent's Optical Sensor
* Certifications : FCC & CE

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