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Z-Nano - World's Smallest Mouse, Guinness World Records

By Cyberinc Pte Ltd

Z-Nano - World's Smallest Mouse, Guinness World Records


GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS' - World's Smallest Mouse
According to THE GUINNESS WORLD of RECORDS, Z-Nano is the currentWorld’s Smallest optical mousearound. Though measuring slightly larger than a USB connector, Z-Nano's features is not limited by its size . It is a small and computer Laser mouse, ideal for the mobile notebook/netbook users and business travellers.

PATENTED ONE-FINGER CLICK - less stress on finger and wrist
To reduce stress on the wrist and fingers due to constant gripping and clicking, Z-Nano uses a patented front-back clicking interface, that enables a small mouse to be used comfortably without the need to grip it.

GAMING MOUSE SPECS - Laser, user-selectable up to 1600 dpi, flash-memory
It is essentially an extremely small mouse with the specifications of a gaming mouse - Laser tracking, Flash memory to store settings and user-selectable sensitivity up to 1600 dpi.

LASER TECHNOLOGY - Works on more surfaces
Using laser-tracking technology, Z-Nano can be used on almost all surfaces, unlike a regular optical mice. A normal optical mouse usually does not work very well on white or shiny surfaces. This is important for mobile users who have to work on surfaces different kinds of surfaces while on the move.

HIGH SENSITIVITY - adjustable by user
You can even adjust its resolution from 100 to 1600 dpi, for different tasks like image editing or playing games. The higher sensitivity also allows the mouse to be used within a very small area to move the cursor from one end of the screen to the other. For instance, if the sensitivity is set to 1200 dpi, it needs only 1/3 the area to work with, compared to a typical 400 dpi optical mouse. This is important when we have to use our notebooks on our lap once in a while, without the luxury of a table, and only have the area next to the touchpad to manipulate the mouse.

HIGH QUALITY AND RELIABILITY - made in Singapore, medical grade cable, Alps switches
Z-Nano is designed and manufactured in Singapore for better quality control and assurance. To further ensure reliability and quality, Z-Nano uses a medical grade cord that is slimmer and more reliable than a regular mouse cord. With strain-relief to protect the copper strands within from breaking means a longer-lasting and more reliable product. It also uses good quality tact switch from Alps (Japan) for better button clicks. On top of that, the casing is highly-polished and made from high-grade transparent PC material (vs the lower quality spray-painted ABS casings). All these measures combine to make for a reliable, high-quality mouse, perfect for travelling.

ATTRACTIVE SNAP-N-GO WIRE MANAGEMENT - rare-earth gold-plated magnet
Most notebook mice use a retractable mechanism to house the wires, which typically does not retract very well after about 6 months of constant usage. This is due the mechanical stress exerted on the mechanism due to frequent pulling. To overcome this problem, Z-Nano uses a simple yet effective way of managing the cord by using a rare-earth, gold-plated magnet to snap the cable to the mouse.

UNIQUE FEATURES - hands-free reading, image-tracer
Z-Nano builds in a unique Auto-Scroll feature that allows for hands-free reading and presentation. You can even adjust the speed of the scroll to suit your reading habit. In addition, the special image tracer allows you to follow the outline of an image without obstructing your view. It is a great tool for your artistic kids.

PERSONALIZE IT - with your own photo
You can even personalize Z-Nano with the favourite photo of your loved ones, by simply sliding it into the lens housing, to add a simple touch of distinctiveness to your mouse. This makes it anideal gift for special occasions like birthdays, Valentine's Day, Christmas and corporate functions etc, personalizable to an individual basis.

UNIQUE TRAVEL MOUSE - specially tailored for you
So if you a business traveler, a notebook/netbook mobile user on the go or simply someone who is looking for a unique and handy gadget, Z-Nano's compactness and individuality makes it an ideal choice for you.

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