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Z-NANO II : Exceptionally Small Mouse Built for Mobility - To be launched SOON!

By Cyberinc Pte Ltd

Z-NANO II : Exceptionally Small Mouse Built for Mobility - To be launched SOON!

01/11/2011 Z-Nano II : Latest Laptop Mouse - 2011 Ultimate Gadget for Travelers

Z-Nano II : Patented One-Finger Front-Back Click

For frequent business travelers or mobile users who need to have their PC with them all the time, a small ultraportable laptop (and often the coolestlooking) is a perfect choice for them. It is no fun lugging a heavy laptop around.

There are several additional essentials that make portable computing even more convenient, like a card-reader and a computer mouse. For many people, a mouse is more user friendly than the touch pads that are built into laptops. Using a mouse is often handier and quicker for getting through web pages and documents.

Z-Nano II is the latest offering with a new 'cool' look. (Targeted to be launched in 2011). It is a highly portable LASER mouse with a cool snap-n-go wire management. With patents granted for its small mouse mechanism and front-back clicking, the new interface allows even those with big hands to use this mouse comfortably. Essentially, the whole mouse body now works like the buttons. Think of it like a wall switch. If you can turn on and off the ceiling lights, you should have no problem using this tiny mouse

Getting Z-Nano II to work is a breeze. Just plug in the USB connector and you are ready to go. It is plug-and-play without any need to install any drivers..

Getting with all new interfaces, it takes a little bit of adjustment to get use to the front back clicking, usually at the start. It is like switching from a Nokia to a Sony Ericson mobile phone. First, rest your index finger completely on the mouse. Try not to grip it like a conventional mouse. When it is this small and light, you don’t need to grasp it to slide it across your table top. Just glide it to move the mouse cursor. You may need toextend the tip of your finger beyond the front of the mouse if you have big fingers. A single finger is all that is needed to activate both left and right click
Press down the front of the mouse to activate the Left button click. It is similar to clicking the left mouse button of a conventional mouse Tilt your finger backwards to push down the back of the mouse, to activate the Right button click.

The Scroll Wheel is located at the side of the mouse. To scroll your documents or web pages up or down, simply use your thumb to turn it forward or backwards, as indicated by the arrows. KEEPING IT TIDY
Unique Snap-n-Go Wire Management Many notebook mice use a retractable mechanism to manage the long and thin wires. With repeated tugging and pulling, the mechanism may fail to retract properly after some time. The mechanical stress may also cause the thin wire to break or the contact to be loose. To overcome this problem, Z-Nano II uses a unique Snap-n-Go method to mange wires. Simply snap the customized USB connector into the bottom slot and you are ready to go. No tugging, no retraction means significantly less mechanical stress and a longer life span.

HIGH QUALITY PARTS Unlike the thick cable which most desktop mice use, most notebook mice use a much thinner wire to make them more portable. The downside is that the 4 strands of thiner wires inside, break off easier. To alleviate the problem, Z-Nano II make use of a medical-grade USB cable, instead of the normal cable. The medical-grade cable is found mainly in medical devices where reliability is important. To improve reliability further, Z-Nano II uses ONLY the best tact switches from Japan (Alps).

LASER - 1600 DPI

LASER technology : High precision - Works on almost all surfaces

A normal optical mouse often does not work properly on glossy surfaces like a white or lacquered tabletop. A lasermouse which works on practically all surfaces is a preferred choice for mobile users where different surfaces are often encountered while on the go.


Small and Handy - Ultimate Portability

In essence, Z-Nano II, a LASER mouse which is highly portable, ergonomically designed, reliable and with effective wire-management, is a dream come true for all highly mobile notebooks users and business travelers.

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